Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Loc'd Natural: History

Hello everyone ☺,

I have decided mid-year to start a hair series. I am a Loc'd Natural so that's exactly what the title of the hair series posts will be. I get a lot of questions ranging from how long I've had my hair to how I take care of it plus styling. I am hoping to cover most of these in subsequent blog posts...And the always famous "How did you start your locs?", "Can you take them out?", "Is that your real hair?", "What kind of extensions did you use?" and so on and so forth. First things first, a bit of history.

I did my "big chop" in May of 2009. Right before I graduated high school. You can imagine I got laughed at but that's besides the point. One day I woke up and my relaxed hair just looked bad. My edges were vanishing. The hair wouldn't do what I wanted it to so I handed my sister a pair of scissors and told her to cut it off. Throughout that year and the next I mostly kept my hair short. I did braids and the likes too but I've never been a hair person so it just wasn't working for me. My hair was a right pain.

Fast foward, March 2011. My sister wanted to try a new twist and loc gel she had bought on my hair. She made two strand twists using the gel. I liked it so much I decided to keep it that way. That's how I found the perfect way to wear my hair. It's been four years and three months since those first two strand twists and my hair keeps impressing me. I will make a post in detail stating how to start your own locs at home. I do apologise for the extra long post. 

Thanks for reading.


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